Friday, 23 January 2009

Day One

Well here I am on holiday for the first time in 3 years, hurrah! We set off at about 10am and arrived here at Center Parcs just after lunch time. We wee a bit early for getting in to our villa but we had a little explore and saw what we could see before getting in our little home for the week and unpacking. The villa is very nice, not a bad place to live at all and the bed is really really comfy. After we unpacked we headed straight for the pool, what with that being the only free activity with which to fill one's time. We bobbed around in the pool for a bit while Chris spent some time rediscovering his ability to swim (apparently it's been a while) before we went off to see what else the sub tropical swimming paradise had to offer. As it turned out, lots! We went down a slightly rubbish flume (there is a better one but we weren't in a queuing mood), went to the outside pool where the water was really warm despite the fact it was hailing and then went off down the rapids. Essentially this is a way of combining swallowing water and getting bruises, but is really quite fun, although I would strongly advise against flimsy swimwear. We stayed for an hour or so before heading for home, definitely thinking that this holiday had been worth the wait.

In the villa we had a quick shower in the worlds most entertaining shower (for some reason the fact that some of the streams of water rotated somehow impresses me far more than it should), had a massive curry, decided there was no way that was going to be digested in time for another swim so settled down with some knitting for 2 new episodes of 24. Yep, they have Sky One here, bonus! I finished my first Flutterby on Sunday so I cast on for the second one and watch Jack Bauer finally get round to kicking some arse. Then to bed, did I mention the bed is really really comfortable!

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