Thursday, 15 January 2009

Why do so many knitters have cats…

…because it now seems to me that they are about as compatible as carpenters and woodworm. Yep, once again Max has displayed her little penchant for Kidsilk Haze and it's friends – this was a ball of KS Aura.

I had caught her trying to eat the ball while I was casting on a couple of days ago so I quickly finished up and moved the project (placed neatly inside the pattern book) down by the side of my chair where she couldn't see it. Unfortunately this meant that when she finally found it today I couldn't see what she was doing until it was far far too late! After I got over my initial murderous impulse I managed to save about ¾ of the ball, this would be better news if it was a consecutive ¾ rather than 2 smaller balls with the middle bit missing. Luckily the pattern I am using only calls for 9 of the 10 balls I have so here's hoping that really is the case. The cat is now acting all humpy with me for ruining her game but I think she'll get over it – when I let her back inside! I had started this project to take away on holiday with me next week, for some reason I feel more comfortable taking existing projects away rather than starting when I get there, but I think I will pack the Kidsilk tonight and only start the project again when I am in a different county to that pesky cat.

On a better note, the Flutterbys are flying by, the first sock is nearly done and I still love it, it is so bright and cheery that working on it makes me happy. I can't wait to have them done because I'm sure that just knowing that they are on my feet will brighten up my days a little. I think that is the beauty of socks, while there is no way in a million years I would wear any kind of outer garment is those colours or that pattern, with socks it's totally cool. Similarly I think most people would shy away from someone who was wearing a wildly variegated cardigan with 5 colours and a lace pattern, but if it was their socks..well that would be fine! I guess socks are where we can display a little bit of personality without marking yourself out as one of those people who would describe themselves as a bit mad. You know the type, people who wear trousers with fluorescent frogs on and talk too loudly about how 'mad' they are. I don't want to be that person, but neither do I want to be just like everyone else, so having my own handmade, one of a kind socks just makes me feel I'm expressing 'me' just a little bit, but just enough. Now, where is that cat, While I'm philosophising I've got a few words of wisdom for her!

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