Friday, 23 January 2009

Day Three, Four and Five

You'll have noticed that I have combined the last few days in to one post. This is simply due to the fact that on Wednesday morning I woke up feeling terrible. Finally I have come down with the dreaded lurgy. Much as I really wanted just to carry on and do as much as we could, I really couldn't find the energy and just stuck to the things we had book, namely our spa session and a dinner reservation for the following night. During the day on Wednesday we had a little wander and spent most of the day watching My Name is Earl, which always cheers me up. I was also so looking forward to go to the spa I was on tenterhooks all day. At 5ish we set out in the pouring rain and walked to the spa. Luckily I was not disappointed. We got changed into our swimwear and put on our fluffy white robes and spent 3 hours relaxing. And sweating. A good proportion of the steam rooms had good stuff like eucalyptus and other cold busting stuff in the steam so I also got to feel way better whilst chilling out. It didn't last long once we left, but was good while it lasted. The huge bean bags and water beds there were soooo comfortable I could have stayed there all day and I so have to get me a multisensory shower. These shower have a few settings from warm to cold to freezing. head showers and side showers and my particular fave a kind of slightly bracing pepperminty mist which smells great and made my skin tingle as it dried. Mmmm. anyone know where I can get me a one of those? Overall it was well worth every penny and I can't wait to go again. Even the walk back in the freezing pouring rain didn't completely do for my nice relaxed mood, so it must be good!

Thursday dawned and I felt even worse, once again we had a little wander about so that I could purchase medicine and tissues. Apart from that we hung out in our villa for most of the day before keeping our dinner reservation at Huck's. I had reserved this online before we left and my main reason for picking it above any of the other restaurants was that the deposit was only £1 as opposed to £10 elsewhere! Luckily we had quite a nice meal so it was a good call. I was a bit stuffed for the rest of the night, just to add to my troubles so we had an early night after packing as much as we could.

This morning we had to be up and out of the villa by 10am and I woke up at 8am feeling even more crappy. We had planned to spend a bit of the day going to the gym and having a final swim, but I just couldn't do it. When I found myself feeling a bit teary after thinking about how my cats must be missing me, I decided I must be far too poorly so we headed straight home! The cats were pleased to see me, but they clearly haven't spent the whole week pining! I have found myself checking out prices for another break later in the year so I can certainly say that if it weren't for the dreaded lurgy we would have had a really brilliant time and I would certainly recommend it. As for the rest of today, I can see a take away, some telly and an early night in my future.

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