Friday, 23 January 2009

Day Two

Woke up feeling refreshed this morning, gotta get me one of those comfy comfy beds! Decided today was going to be an active day so after breakfast we were straight off to the gym. We had been along and had a peek at the gym yesterday so we knew it was quite small, but really it would be nice if they had 2 of each machine so we could work together. We got there early enough that it was just us though so it was ok. Instead of a shower we headed straight to the pool and spent a good 15 minutes in the warm outdoor bubbly pool, heaven. It's been lovely and sunny today after yesterdays gloomy windy rainy and haily crapness. We had another go down the rapids. Well, yesterday's bruises are starting to fade! Then we tried out the side by side death slides. We both shot down them at alarming speed and I know I went skimming across the landing pool like a skimming stone before unceremoniously sinking like one. I can honestly say that neither of us have giggled like that for a long time – probably because of the shock, but mainly because having five days to play like children is just great. Speaking of playing like children, after a stop at home for lunch and a bit of knitting we were off again for a session of roller skating. As predicted Chris didn't really take to it, but it took me right back to childhood. I have to say I don't remember it being such hard work though. If there was somewhere near home I could skate I totally would because it felt like fantastic exercise. I guess just dragging around all that extra weight on your feet must give you a pretty good work out on it's own. After dinner we headed back to the pool, mainly to check out the outdoor pool in the dark and because there should be less children. The outdoor pool was lovely, there were blue lights under the water and twinkly lights and it was all very magical. The rapids was also quite fun because no one can see you flopping down like a beached whale when it is dark! We spent most of the time though in the outdoor whirlpool and then decided to take the quick way down to the normal pool, as there was no queue we went for the longer flume we hadn't tried yesterday. Mistake. We found out afterwards that this flume is not at all scary, except in the dark as there was no light at all. If we had been down it before we would have known that there were no sudden descents or anything like that, but in the pitch black we both went down bolt upright with our eyes as wide open as they would go. I can't remember feeling as relieved as when I popped out the bottom of that slide! After that shocker we dried off and headed for home, then back to our lovely comfy bed before Day 3.

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