Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Glam Knits

I got a text from my sister while I was at work yesterday to say that I had a parcel from Amazon at their house (for reasons of not having a proper letter box at my house all large mail is delivered to my parents house). So when 5 o'clock finally came round I hopped on my scooter and buzzed round there as fast as the traffic and the speed limit would allow. And there it was...101 things to do in a shed! But underneath that was my copy of Glam Knits, thank heavens. I decided not to actually blog about this last night, so that I would have a chance to have a good look through it and really decide what my favourites are in there. There are a good few patterns that I quite like in there, some I don't mind but are not for me and a couple in there which I must have. Now. I really love the Zig Zag Lace Wraparound and the Lacy Dolman is a total must have. Guess it is time to go off and reevaluate that queue again! Actually I am going to try and hold off on starting anything from this book for a little while and actually make the things which I have purchased yarn for already. I figure if I liked something enough to actually go ahead and buy yarn then I should probably just get on with it! This has really set me to thinking about why the hell I need to keep getting more pattern books. I have no end of projects which I want to make from the books I have, if I buy a new book I know I won't get round to making it for quite a while and I am more than well aware that the pattern book will still be available in the shop when I have run out of things I want to make in the books I have. This led me to an alarming question - have I become someone who collects things?

I should probably take a moment to explain that I have always wondered a little bit about people who do collect things. I've always looked upon it as some kind of strange mental disorder, especially when it leads people to fill their houses with thousands of frog statues or to have entire rooms dedicated to a singer or band. I've met people who will just collect anything, I don't think the item really matters to them, just the compulsion to collect something until they have them all. Is this what is happening to me?!?! I have decided not. Mainly because I don't really want it to be true but mainly because everything which I have, from the boxes of yarn to the shelves full of books does have a purpose. Each ball of yarn is a garment or item in potentia and each pattern I like is a part of the wardrobe of my future (or someone else's, but most likely mine). Now is probably the time to add that I was having these thoughts while I was riding to work this morning and at times like that I tend to just follow a vague train of thought which invariably ends up somewhere strange. It was the wardrobe of the future bit that really got me thinking. I'm a bit of a Terry Pratchett fan and I suddenly remembered about the Pork Futures Warehouse, more precisely, if I have enough knitting books and balls of wool, i.e potential clothes, am I going to need to get a new wardrobe in which to keep their ghostly forms until I have actually made them and if so I think it will happen quite soon. Luckily I arrived at work before I could give this any serious thought! Clearly the fact that Christmas is around the corner and I'm not feeling at all organised is getting to me.

On the Christmas front we have, however, finally come to agreement on what we are doing on the actual day. Discussing these things with Chris can be a bit of uphill struggle so I have given myself a bit of a pat on the back. We have agreed that we will each go and have Christmas lunch with our respective families and then we have invited them all to us for the evening. It looks like my family will be coming, but he has yet to ask his. I am quite looking forward to it, but I am very pleased that I won't have to work on Christmas eve so that I can spend the whole day shovelling things in the oven in preparation. I will actually have a nice long break this year for the first time in ages. The University closes on Christmas Eve afternoon and doesn't reopen until 5 January. Bliss! Right I'm off to get some knitting in, the back of the Slouchy Cover Up is very nearly done so I will try and get as much done as I can while I watch Heroes.

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