Saturday, 8 November 2008

Busy busy busy!

Well I have had a busy week this week, consequently I haven't done ever such a lot of knitting, but I have spent ever such a long time thinking about it. Does that count?

On Tuesday night we went to see Quantum of Solace. I have to say that I did find my attention wandering at times, but it passed the time quite pleasantly. While it had all the action and stuff, I've always liked me a gadget or two, so in my mind it was a pretty good action flick but not so much a Bond film.

Wednesday night saw us shopping til we dropped at Ikea. Mostly we just bought grown up householdy things (there's nothing like a lengthy debate about crockery sets to make you realise it's time to try and recapture your youth!) I also got some nice glass jars which I am going to fill with various homemade sweets and yummy stuff to give away as Christmas gifts. I am trying to make sure I have got plenty of receptacles for this stuff well ahead of time as most of the bits and bobs will have to be made quite close to the day. Obviously I want to be prepared.

On Thursday I had my late night at work, they seriously cut into my knitting time, I haven't managed to persuade anyone that I should be allowed to knit while I sit on the issue desk. Oh well, maybe one day!

Yesterday I did manage to finally turn the heel on my second Charade, so I really feel like I am on the final furlong now. We were at Bluewater this morning, so no knitting done then either, however as Chris was busy waiting in line for Charley Boorman to sign his book I had plenty of time to shop by myself. Heaven. I got loads of bits in Lush so I can feel a nice hot bath coming on later and I spent a nice bit of time browsing the yarn and pattern books in John Lewis, which I always enjoy. I have finally got my hands on Rowan Studio 12, which has loads of stuff in that I want to make, particularly Sloppy Joe, the Bow Cardigan and Wrap Top. Guess I need to get my hands on some Kidsilk Aura or find a decent substitute! I also got Kim Hargreaves, Thrown Together Collection which I have had my eye on for a while. This is a really lovely book, I haven't decided exactly what I want to make yet, I'll have to spend a bit more time perusing it, but there are several patterns I really like.

Now for something i think is really cool, my sis is sitting next to me at this precise moment, knitting her first ever garment!!!! She is making a pair of armwarmers which are a kind of Fetching adaptation. The yarn is a bit thicker than that pattern and I have made it so she can do it flat, but the 4x1 ribbing is there and she actually went ahead and tried cabling and has made a marvellous job. She is just casting off the first one and I'm really proud of her. Her journey to the knit side is complete, mwa ha ha ha ha!!

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