Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Life got in the way

I haven't written anything for a few days now due to things kind of getting on top of me. Unfortunately not much of this stuff has been good, however I have finished the Charades, woohoo! They have both turned out the same size and they do look like a pair so I am satisfied. I'm still not entirely sure I like the way they came out but they are not for me so hopefully I am just being fussy. With those done I have now made a start on the Slouchy Cover Up (middle 2 at the bottom) from Rowan Studio 5. I'm already increasing for the sleeves on the back so I'm optimistic that this will be a really speedy knit which will be done long before Christmas. In fact I'm so confident that I'm already picking out m next projects. I'm thinking that one this jumper is done I will make a star crossed beret (Ravelry link) with some left over Brown Sheep Lambs Pride which has been kicking around since last Christmas and then an Olivia from Kim Hargreaves Thrown Together Collection. I have the Correct number of balls of Felted Tweed in my stash which were destined to be this (Ravelry link), but I seem to be favouring quicker knits at the moment and I think Olivia might turn out to be a more 'useful' garment in the end.

So what else has been going on? Well our main news is that Chris has just been made redundant, he is due to finish on Thursday but we complained that he was due an extra weeks notice so hopefully he should receive that. Obviously he is by no means the only person that this is happening to at the moment, the figures for people made redundant in Britain in the last week or so have been staggering. This is a real blow so close to Christmas but hopefully he can find something new. He is a painter and decorator so I think he may have to think outside the box and branch out if he wants to find something, so hopefully this will be a good thing and lead to him finding something else he enjoys. To make matters worse his car broke down at the weekend which really made him feel conspired against! He had to work all weekend so I very gracefully allowed him to use my scooter. The dozy sod then proceeded to take all of my keys without leaving me his so I woke up and found that I couldn't leave the house, well at least not if I wanted to get back in. I guess I ended up with a whole heap of knitting time to use, but I ended up missing the Chatham Knitting group again which was a shame - maybe next month!

Ooh, nearly forgot, my sister has now completed her gloves that she was knitting. She got them done super fast and is now talking about the next pair, so sh has definitely caught the bug. I think I have persuaded her to try the next pair in the round. I think any trepidation that she feels has been overwhelmed by her complete unwillingness to sew seams and quite frankly I don't blame her. I'll have to have a word and get her to put a pic of the FO on her Ravelry so that I can link to it, I'm such a proud sister!

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