Monday, 3 November 2008

Cursed yarn

Ok, this is the first of my catch up posts. At time of writing we were most of the way through Socktoberfest and frankly things weren't going too well. First there was the debacle with the Flukes, which are still sitting on the coffee table awaiting my attention. The things started to go slightly pear shaped with my first Charade. Without ruining the end, it's ok, it all turned out fine but at that point I was beginning to think that the yarn was cursed. I actually bought three skeins of yarn back in January with the specific plan to make three pairs of Christmas socks. The pink yarn got it's chance first, tricking me into missing two pattern repeats in the second sock.Next up, the green and black yarn worked it's tricksy magic providing such an intriguing spiral effect that I was sent almost entirely bandy trying to find a way to continue this on the instep. This proved impossible, despite several ingenious 'ideas' which caused me to have to rip back, discover that the pattern doesn't really lend itself to being ripped back, retrieve the sock and all the needles from whence they had been thrown and take several deep breaths before finding the lost stitches and continuing on my way. The first sock is now done. I'm not sure if I like it or not but never mind. Once that is done I will have to see if the final ball of this unholy trilogy, the pink and orange, is actually evil as well or whether it will turn out to be the Cinderella to the two ugly sisters it arrived with.

Of course, don't get me wrong. I have not actual complaints with regards to the yarn (except for the tendency of the darker colours to come of on your hand - the recipient of the finished socks will also be receiving some colour catchers as part of her gift!). It is lovely and I'm happy with it. It is clearly just happier being a little ball of yarn that it is being socks and I guess that maybe I would feel the same.

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