Tuesday, 5 January 2016

FO: Double Trouble New Look 6016

As a rule I'm not really into dressing my girls all matchy matchy, but I've got to admit they do look super cute on the occasions that I do.

I hadn't actually intended to make them matching t-shirts, I had a piece of fabric leftover from making a Burda mag dress in the summer and thought it would make a lovely t-shirt for Cassie.  It was only when I was cutting that out that I realised that I had quite a bit more than I thought and it seemed silly not to make Lissy one as well.  It actually turned out that I didn't have quite enough for the second one, which was a bit of a let down until I found yet another piece lurking in the leftovers box.  Phew!

The pattern is New Look 6016 which is one of those patterns that I bought for the dress without having any intention of making the other views.  I've made the dress a couple of times and I've also cut out some fabric for the leggings now so this pattern has turned out to be a really good buy.  I won't be making any bags though, nice as it would be to say I've made all the views on an envelope.

These t-shirts came together really quickly and easily.  I pretty much ignored the instructions and did it my way, sewing the sleeves in flat before sewing the side and sleeve seams all in one go rather than setting them in after the side seams are sewn.

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out and I will definitely be sewing up a few more for the girls in the future.  Lissy needs a bit more length in the sleeves, but that's hardly surprising because she is wearing the 6 months size!  It fits her fine everywhere else though, skinny little thing that she is.  I may also slim down the neckband a bit for future versions because it looks a bit weird to me.  Other than that, this is a total go to pattern and it's always nice to add another one of those to the list.

Look how cute they are together, I swear they cuddle like this just because they know it makes me go 'awwwww'!

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