Tuesday, 12 January 2016

FO: Driftwood

This one has been a little while in the making but finally I have finished!

Honestly I have no real reason for why this took so long for me to complete.  I bashed out the body in next to no time but I think I just got really really bored during the sleeves.  I vaguely remember putting it aside to get on with a little bit of my mosaic blanket and then never really gave it another thought.  After that got bogged down with Christmas knitting, baby knitting and a KAL while poor old Driftwood hibernated behind the sofa.  However after finishing my Hetty I'd rather got the selfish knitting bug and was tempted to cast on another sweater for myself until I remembered I'd got a nearly completed one mere inches from where I was sitting.

I'll confess that I nearly shoved it back being the sofa again a few times, for some reason I really hated knitting those sleeves but it seemed silly to put it off any longer.  The sleeves did turn out really long so I could have stopped knitting them a bit sooner, but it is quite nice to hide my hands up inside them.

Now anyone who is familiar with the pattern may notice that mine looks a little different from others they may have seen.  While I was knitting the body and the sleeves I did think that the button band in the pattern photos seemed to come a lot further down her body than mine did.  I didn't give it much thought until it came to picking up the stitches for the button bands and I realised that I was going to have a devil of a job picking up the required 42 stitches.  Casting an eye over the pattern I spotted a tiny little sentence between separating the body and sleeves and joining to knit in the round which instructs you to continue knitting flat for a further 12cm.  I can sort of see how I missed it, but I'm still kicking myself a bit for it.

I don't really mind the way it looks though, it's unique I guess!  Other than that this sweater is really comfy and I like it a lot.  The yarn is Rowan Calmer, a cotton and acrylic mix, which means that this should be good to wear most of the year round.  I've worked with it a couple of times before and it's funny stuff because it is really stretchy so you do have to be careful not to pull it too much as you knit.  It gives the resulting garment a nice stretch and is part of the reason this sweater is so comfortable.  So all in all this is another win.  I still haven't quite scratched that selfish knitting itch and next on my agenda is a Knotted Pine hat using the lovely yak yarn that I got in a swap earlier this year.

Pattern: Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer

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