Tuesday, 26 January 2016

FO: Burda 9440

This is the second go round for this pattern, having made it a few months back out of some rather fetching dog print cotton sateen.  Cassie loves those trousers and they make me smile whenever she wears them so I cut out a second pair almost immediately after making the first.  Unfortunately they've been nothing but a sad pile of fabric shapes for far too long, kept company only by a very similar pile of much larger shapes intended to be a pair of jeans for me.
After leaving it so long to make these I was a little concerned that she would have outgrown them before they were sewn, but I think she will get some wear out of them before they are too small.  There looks to be plenty of room all down the legs, the only issue is the rise at the back.  The poor child has chronic builder's bum in nearly all of her trousers so I clearly need to look into some kind of adjustment or I'll just have to make all of her tops really long instead (not even kidding, I recently purchased Mini Briar which has a great butt covering mullet hem!).
Aside from the cutting out, which occurred so long ago it basically didn't happen, these took but a few hours to make.  I didn't bother adding a zip this time as it proved superfluous on her previous pair, but my plan to just sew the fly and leave out the zip was ill thought out and I'll have to look into a better way of doing it next time.  I had a horrible time sewing the buttonhole until my machine finally realised I wasn't kidding about throwing it out of the window and eventually sewed something almost like what it was supposed to.  Cassie is very taken with her pink heart button though.
In fact Cassie is very take with these trousers full stop. When I picked her up from preschool on Monday she announced very loudly for all to hear that she LOVED her trousers.  That was a proud Mummy moment for sure!  I'm not sure how much she'll love them when she realises that I'm making a matching pair for myself.  Hopefully I've got a couple of years before she thinks that there is nothing more embarrassing than having matching clothes with your mum!

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