Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Another pair of matchy tops

Just a quick post today seeing as how I've recently posted FOs using the same pattern and the same fabric.  I've got lots of cute pics to fill up the space however!
The fabric was leftover from my Mum's Christmas present, meaning I squeezed an adult sweater with a big floppy collar and 2 kids tops from 2m.  Bargain! I used the long sleeved tee pattern from New Look 6016 again seeing as it worked pretty well for both girls last time.  Age 3 size for Cassie and 1/2 for tiny Lissy.  Because I pretty much cut out the pieces for these as I finished their previous versions I didn't get around to making any of the changes that I meant to.  Looking at these pictures Lissy's sleeves aren't quite as short as I'd thought but she could still do with and inch or so extra next time.
The fabric is a lot thicker than the jersey I used before so although I do still feel that the neckband is too wide it isn't as much of a problem here.  The fabric stands up a little better rather than just flopping right over.  It still looks proportionally odd but at least it doesn't look quite as floppy and stretched out here.
The girls both seem very happy with their cosy little sweaters and I had no trouble at all getting them to put on an affectionate show for the camera.  Neither of them have been feeling too great though so please forgive their crusty wee faces.
I had hoped to get some single shots of each of them but every time I tried to photograph Cassie Lissy deliberately stood in front of her, all the while cackling her head off.  This child is trouble, but she's hilarious so it's pretty easy to forgive her.

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