Monday, 1 February 2016


After finishing my Knotted Pine hat I immediately started to suffer from some kind of knitters block.  I was really in a knitting mood but I had no idea what to knit next and every time I thought I'd decided on a pattern it just turned out to be wrong.  Ordinarily I've mentally moved on to the next project well before the end of the previous one, but this time I just couldn't get it together.  Some of these stumbling blocks were completely legitimate, but I fear most of them were just me throwing a tantrum.  My three day process to start a new project went something a little like this:

  • Cassie wants a new hat, I'll let her pick so I don't have to think about it.
  • Cassie picks a hat, I have the pattern and yarn I think will be suitable.  Job done!
  • Knit a swatch. Nope.
  • Get bigger needles, knit swatch.  Nope.
  • Add strand of Kidsilk Haze to bulk up yarn.  Knit swatch.  Hmm, Maybe.
  • Start to knit brim.  NOPE!  Rip back, all is lost, back to the drawing board.
  • It's cold, I need some mittens and I have loads in my queue.
  • Pick pattern, find yarn and needles.
  • Read through pattern, find will to knit ebbing but I really want these mittens.
  • Find myself irrationally irritated by the fact that the size of these gloves is determined by gauge.  If I knit a smaller size I expect it to be less work than bigger ones, not the same amount of work on smaller needles.
  • Bite back irritation and cast on. Not sure what size they'll end up but they'll fit someone.
  • Realise I don't like the cuff as written, go for a 2 colour rib instead.
  • Knit a few rows and realise my heart is just not in it.  Rip back.
  • Wander off to the sewing machine in disgust, sew 2 Lady Skaters to make myself feel better.
  • Maybe I'll knit socks, I have yarn and a pattern bagged up together ready to knit.
  • Grab project, realise I don't really like the pattern any more but I'm definitely still feeling the yarn.
  • Hit my faves to find a better pattern.
  • I'm in a cabley kind of mood, that pattern looks cool.
  • It calls for sport weight, I have 4ply.  Bugger.
  • Look for something similar.
  • Find a pattern I like, it's German but with an English translation.  Sorted.
  • Ok, so the pattern is in English but the key is in some sort of abbreviated German.
  • Consider looking the terms up, get no further than that because, ugh.
  • Back to Ravelry.
  • This pattern has little cables like I'm looking for, will work with the yarn I've chosen and is in a language I understand.
  • Consider not casting on because this is seeming a little too good to be true at this point.
  • Stop being idiotic and cast on.
  • Cue Hallelujah Chorus because the planets have aligned and I'm actually knitting something!
Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to.

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