Monday, 22 February 2016

FO: Abate

Ignoring the siren call of more intricately cabled socks I nobly cast on a sweater for Felicity at the beginning of last week.  Abate, by Alicia Plummer is a pattern I've been meaning to knit for absolutely ages and teamed with sparkly Cascade Hollywood yarn has turned out wonderfully.
This was a very quick knit, taking only 6 days (it was also the half term holiday, so I had both kids home the whole too) out of my sock knitting schedule.  It wasn't a particularly exciting knit after all those cables but sometimes you just need to zone out and go round and round and round without thinking.  The sleeves and waistband are both cast off using EZ's sewn bind off which was new to me and therefore a little exciting and the collar is turned in on itself and the live stitches sewn down on the inside to provide even more excitement.  I may have to revisit the collar, however, because it keeps flipping to the outside and I can't tell if it's because of the way I sewed it or if it's just because it comes up a little too high for little Lissy and it's getting pushed down by her face.
I made the smallest size, age 2 and expect this to last a good long while.  The sweater is designed to grow with the child which is brilliant.  It is very clear that Lissy has loads of room to grow in to it but it doesn't actually look like she's wearing a too big sweater.  I was a little worried that she would be swamped by it because she is very tiny (still only 23lb) but she looks great.  She also seems to like it, which is very important now that she's hit the age where she has an opinion on what she wears. I was fairly sure I couldn't go far wrong with purple and sparkles but I never presume to know the mind of a 2 year old, that way madness lies!

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