Saturday, 13 February 2016

FO: Burda 6855

So, after semi successfully making jeans for myself a few months ago and making a couple of pairs for Cassie I decided it was time to have another crack at it.  My last pair were ok, but they had a few fitting issues most of which I was fairly certain would be solved by sewing the next size down.  Because I'd used a Burda mag pattern, the thought of retracing gave me a fit of the vapours so I bought Burda 6855 to try instead.  This pattern looks mostly the same, but features darts instead of a back yoke.

For reasons I have no hope of understanding I went ahead and cut out the same size as the previous pair and while the fit is considerably better around the crotch they are, shockingly a bit too big!  The problem wasn't immediately apparent, except for around the knees (literally the elephant in the room!) but these were completely unwearable on the second day as they stretched out a bit.  Unfortunately I'd thrown them on and hurried out the door to drop Cassie only to find my trousers kept making a bit for freedom as I walked.  This problem was not helped by the fact I was wearing Felicity on my back so the waist strap of the carrier was pushing down on the tops of my jeans too.

The observant among you will notice that I used the same fabric to make Cassie jeans a couple of weeks ago.  She doesn't seem to be having any problems with hers stretching out, but her clothes generally get a wash after every wear because toddler so I think mine will be ok as long as they are strictly on a wear once and wash policy.

Other than that, they are pretty good.  The fly went in with no trouble, the length is not bad even for my stumpy legs and I even got the buttonhole sewn with little to no drama.  Next time however I will make the smaller size no matter which ridiculous part of my brain is telling me not to!

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