Thursday, 3 March 2016

FO: Briar

We've had a busy couple of weeks here. Aside from the usual comings and goings, work and family stuff, we've had kids parties to attend, presents to buy for said kids, trips out and a baby niece to snuggle. Oh, and we finally bought a PS4, so my fingers have been kept pretty busy there! I'm steadily knitting away on a sock but I don't have too much to show there but I have completed a very simple sewing project.

Briar by Megan Nielsen looks very much like quite a few tops that I have bought over the years so is very much my style. I do love a bit of a mullet hem! I also bought the Mini Briar pattern at the same time so I could make little versions for the girls.

I decided to make the long version with long sleeves, I'm not ruling out a cropped version in the future but it's still pretty cold here so I'll be sticking with a bit more coverage for the moment. I used a really lightweight jersey so this is really only for layering, but that's generally how I wear my tops anyway.

There's not much else to say here, I made a white t-shirt and I quite like it. I'll probably make another one soon. Oh yes and excuse the state of our house in these photos, the hallway is usually a quiet spot to snap a few pics but Stu recently stripped all the wallpaper with no real plan as to what he was going to do next....


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