Monday, 14 March 2016

FO: Simplicity 1174

While I have a trio of Briar/Mini Briar's I should be sharing today I haven't managed to get them all photographed yet so I'm skipping ahead a bit to a very special little project.

Today is the day that my precious firstborn turns 4.  This is a massive shock to my system, surely she was only just born!!!!  However, birthday girls need birthday dresses and Cassie is now old enough to choose for herself what she wants so I let her loose in the 'kids' section of my pattern filing cabinet and she very firmly chose Simplicity 1174.  Specifically the version with sleeves and it was very very important that I did not leave off the bows.

Unfortunately we've all been suffering from colds over the last couple of weeks with mine turning into some kind of horrible sinus thing so I kind of left it until the last minute.  Luckily this pattern turned out to be very simple so I managed to put it together in a couple of days even though I felt like an alien was going to come bursting out of my face any second.
Towards the end I was kind of hoping that she'd change her mind about the bows because I am far too lazy for that kind of nonsense but she insisted, of course, and actually they were not that much effort.  I really like the way they look now and I'm glad she insisted.  I'm also completely in love with the fabric.  It's a cotton from Doughty's which I purchased on a whim when I was ordering some denim.  I've got a bit over a metre left so be prepared to see it again!
Projects like this are the kind that really keep me going.  Cassie loves her new dress so much that she wore it for her little family party yesterday and then demanded that she wore it again today to go to preschool.  Making my little girl happy on her birthday is just the best feeling and I hope that she'll continue to ask me to make things for her and be proud to wear them as she gets older.


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