Tuesday, 23 June 2015

OAL 2015 Outfit 1 complete!

From the ashes of original planned outfit I'm really pleased that Plan B has already produced an actual wearable outfit.  I present Miette with a pretty boring yet super useful Lady Skater in black jersey.

I won't go into too much detail about the dress today, I've already got versions 2 and 3 on the go so I'll do a separate post about the pattern in more detail when they are all done.

This black version was always supposed to be a test run of the pattern, but my sudden realisation that it would be a great match for Miette meant that I was a bit more invested in it than a normal test run.  Honestly it could have turned out a little better but it's pretty good for a first stab at a new pattern and the two garments together make a really great every day outfit.  I have made tweaks to the pattern for future dresses but this one is perfectly wearable and is lovely and comfortable as only a jersey dress can be.

In other OAL news I have got to the point of joining the underarms of my Vianne without having to rip back again at all.  Casting on 9 times for a single project was making me wonder if this cardigan was doomed but I'm hoping I've moved past all that now... of course now I'm knitting the fronts and back all together the potential for mistakes is much higher so I'm not counting my chickens yet!

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Gill said...

Looks lovely! Great outfit!