Monday, 15 June 2015

FO: Miette

Element one of my first OAL outfit is done and I love it, hooray!

Obviously I got a head start on it by being stuck in a caravan in the rain for several days, but this was a really quick knit anyway. I would happily knit another, possibly omitting the eyelets for an even quicker, more mindless knit.

I'm really pleased with the way this fits, it looks nice buttoned and unbuttoned. The only thing I might fiddle with next time is sleeve length, these are a bit neither here nor there on me. I could also do with slightly moving the buttons because the lace on each side doesn't quite line up. I'm far too lazy to actually do that though so it won't happen unless any of the buttons fall off.

The yarn, as well as possibly being my new favourite colour, is actually really lovely considering it's only 80p a ball. That's not even a sale price either! I used 9 balls (although I barely broke into the 9th) so this cardigan cost all of £7 in yarn. Nice and soft and smooth and not too splitty and with a nice range of colours I'll be using it again for sure.

So that's that. OAL element two just needs hemming, but SPOILER ALERT there will be an element 2.5... More on that soon.

Blue Steel! WTF?

Pattern: Miette by Andi Satterlund

Yarn: DROPS Love You 5



Leah (Good Enough Knits) said...

Nicely done! It looks great on you. said...

Lokks great. Well done.

H's Handcrafts said...

80p a ball!!! Thats amazing and it is a gorgeous colour too