Tuesday, 9 June 2015

What we did on our holidays

So we returned from our week away, one day earlier than planned, on Friday and almost all of us were very pleased to be back.  It turned out that my dire weather predictions were not far wrong and on the first few days and the last day we were treated to this view from our caravan.

Unfortunately I'd failed to realise that as well as being very rainy it would also be really cold and I completely failed at packing enough warm clothes.  Oops.  That left us all shivering in a caravan, with uncomfortable seating, teeny weeny beds, even smaller TV, no internet and a potty training toddler who kept weeing everywhere!  On the plus side I got loads of knitting done.  Look, my Miette is nearly finished.

When I completed the main body I tried it on and not only does it look like it should fit nicely (hoorah) I'm also completely in love with the colour on me.  It's not a colour I ever really wear, but I was like it and I'm pleased that it likes me too.

Because I don't like to moan too much I will admit that the mid week of our holiday was much better.  It stayed pretty chilly until Thursday but then we were treated to glorious sunshine so we headed off to the beach.

The girls had a lovely time, Felicity last went to the beach at 5 months old so it was really her first time and she looooved stomping about in the sand and popping out from behind little dunes.  They had so much fun that they both had a nap in the afternoon, which is pretty much unheard of.  My joy on that one was short lived when Cassie was still awake and jabbering at me at 11pm, but we won't dwell on that!  Anyways, we are all now much more appreciative of home and so we'll draw a line under that particular holiday experience.

Now we are home I have finally been able to cut into the fabric for the OAL and I'm just about to begin by stitching the darts.  I'm a little behind where I thought I'd be because on Sunday I finally admitted defeat and decided it was time to buy a laptop and I've spent most my time fiddling with that.  I've managed fairly well for the last 2 years with only my iPad, but we were having a load of issues with the memory card out of my new (to me) camera and I was really needing to add some more music to my iPod so I admitted defeat.  I'm really pleased with how much easier it is to have nice photos to share so I don't think I'll be regretting it any time long as it stops eating into my crafting time!


Renee Anne said...

After living in California for the last three years, one would think I had figured out that microclimates are an actual "thing" here and that I would prepare better for everything (trips back to Wisconsin, trips across the bay, trips anywhere, really)....I still plan like crap. We went across the bay last week when it was 68F was 90F over there. Little Man's long sleeves did not go over well. ::sigh::

I'm sorry the weather didn't agree with you. But, you learned something...always bring something for opposite weather :)

Leah (Good Enough Knits) said...

Aw, sorry your holiday was cold and rainy! Miette looks fabulous, though. Silver linings for sure.

Hannah Smith said...

That makes me feel much better and I've realised they need more knitwear which is totally something I can remedy!