Saturday, 20 June 2015

OAL 2015. Plan B.

Although I was a little disappointed that my first intended OAL outfit didn't work out I didn't despair for long.  Far from having no outfit, what I actually had was 50% of 2 outfits, I just needed to decide on what to pair with each of them.  Of course I wanted to avoid any more dud outfits so I thought a little bit  carefully about what would go together this time.

When working out my original pairing my only real focus was whether the yarn and the fabric would go together, I didn't really consider whether things like how the necklines would look together, which obviously turned out to be a mistake.  To avoid this again I put on my dress and tried it on with some cardigans out of my wardrobe and now I know that I will be much better off knitting a cardigan a v-neck.  As luck would have it the Vianne by Andi Satterlund that I had already started to knit has a v-neck.  I'm making it in this rather fetching/completely horrible (delete as applicable!) shade of yellow which I think will look pretty good with the pale blue chambray.  Progress on this cardigan had been slow due to the fact that I have now ripped in back 8 times.  8 times!  I'm sure that's some kind of record, I would usually have given up and started something else by now but I will be persevering because there is really no good reason why this keeps happening.  The pattern isn't difficult, I think it's just that with all the lacy bits it's not so easy to just fudge when I make a tiny mistake and during the early stages it's easier to just rip back and start again than fiddle about trying to fix it.

I was initially a bit stumped as to what I was going to sew to go with my Miette.  Because that lovely forest green is not a colour I really wear (until now, seriously, I loves it) I didn't have much in the way of fabric I thought matched it nicely.  So I put it on the back burner and got on with cutting out the bits for a Lady Skater with some plain black jersey.  Realising that my cardigan looked perfectly nice with a black vest top and jeans I figured that fate may have stepped in and provided me with an answer.  Once I'd sewn up the shoulders and added the neckband I popped the bodice onto Headless Hannah, did up the cardigan over the top and bingo!

Not bad eh?  So that's the plan!

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