Tuesday, 16 June 2015

FO: Weldon's 9134

This dress was made with the intention of being the second element of my outfit for this year's Outfit Along. I really wanted this to be great so I was really good and made a muslin first, I was pretty confident it was going to turn out well...and you know what, it really did.
Because this is a vintage, one size pattern I wasn't sure whether it would be the right size, but I'm mostly happy with the fit. I had to remove nearly 4 inches from the length in order to not look like I'd borrowed this dress from a giraffe, but I'm short so this was hardly news. I do have some slight armhole gapeage, but frankly I'm not a perfectionist, it will do.
I did slightly change the order of construction, because I thought I knew better than the pattern. NEWSFLASH: I didn't. Or at least I did, but I didn't actually go and check the exact directions from the last time I did it that way and complications arose. I overcame, but lessons were learned!
The detail which really drew me to this dress was the curved bottom of the bodice, I love the way it rises at the front and dips at the back and has topstitching in order to highlight that. I spent ages thinking about which colour to use for my topstitching. I wanted it to be a detail, but I also didn't want to go too crazy. I was just on the verge of going with baby pink when I remembered a whole load of metallic thread I bought a while back for plying with my handspun. I used a shiny pink and doubled it with the blue thread I used to sew the rest of the dress, I think it's quite a nice effect.
So the dress is a success, but now for the bad news:
NOPE! These items do not an outfit make, or at least not one I'd happily wear in public so this particular combo will not be my entry for the OAL after all. Panic not, I have a plan...sort of...


Renee Anne said...

Yeah, I agree. The dress is fab, the sweater is fab.....but together, they are not fab. said...

Beautiful dress. I love the topstitching at the bottom of the bodice. Looking forward to seeing your new plan!