Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hi there!

How is everybody? I've been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, but not to worry it's actually because I have LOADS of stuff to talk about but I've been far too lazy to take any photographs. Much as I'd like to think that I can paint such a vivid picture with my words that photographing my projects would be entirely unnecessary I am entirely aware that this is not the case. Photos notwithstanding I do so hate to neglect the blog so I'm just popping in to say hi and do a little intro of what to expect in the next few posts. I'll just fill the place up with photos of my kids which is always better than pictures of me.
So, I have a trio of Lady Skaters all finished and already doing heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I'm still not done with this pattern either, be prepared for total Lady Skater overload! I've also finished two skirts and cut out all the bits for 3 more projects. It's been super hot and humid here recently, so sewing has been way more appealing than knitting.

My second OAL cardigan, Vianne, seems to be taking an actual lifetime to complete. I'm finally ready to start on the second sleeve but I'm stalling because picking up stitches is still on my list of things I hate to do and once that's done I need to pick up a whole load more for the button and neckband. Ugh. It looks pretty though and I've still got until the end of the month to finish my outfit so I'm going to cast on something else procrastinate for a couple more days before forcing myself to just do it.

In 'other' news, the girls seem to be growing up more quickly every day. I finally got off my bum and got Cassie all signed up for preschool in September, it's going to be really good for her but I can't quite believe that she's old enough yet! Lissy is learning new words and phrases at a rate of knots, my favourite this week has been 'bum', teehee! Talking about getting up off my bum, I realised that I really need to squeeze some more exercise into my life. I've been really good and went for two runs this weekend, despite being waaaaaay more unfit than I realised and I'm feeling super motivated to keep it up. I hope you are all doing ok and I'll be back soon with some project photos.


Renee Anne said...

Little Man starts preschool in a few weeks. He qualifies for transitional kindergarten but we got him into the Montessori school just a cople blocks away. So, woo-hoo for that :)

Stormageddon, on the other hand, is attempting to stand without holding on, which is a bit scary for me because I'm not ready for him to be walking yet.

Hannah Smith said...

Walking is that last HUGE milestone that means they're not a baby any more. You can imagine my horror when Lissy walked at 7 months! said...

My little girl starts preschool in September too. Scary stuff.