Wednesday, 22 July 2015

FO x 3: Lady Skater

As promised I'm finally getting round to writing my little round up of recent Lady Skater obsession.  I still haven't managed to get any photos I'm really happy with but hey ho, you can't win em all.

So first up was my practice plain black version that ended up being my first entry for the OAL.  While it looks really nice with my Miette cardigan it's not the greatest dress I'v sewn but it was a really good starting point to working out any adjustments I needed to make.  Essentially it was far too long in the bodice and consequently far too long altogether.  I was happy with the size chosen though so I felt pretty confident to go ahead and cut out the bits for both of the next two dresses together after shortening the bodice pieces by two inches.

I actually made both dresses side by side, production line style and while it took a little longer before I got a finished article I managed to finish the pair of the in less than a week.  The pattern really is very easy to sew, it comes with a really detailed set of instructions as well as a shorter crib sheet for if you'rte feeling confident.  I just used the crib sheet and found that it was enough for me, next time I will highlight the bit about adding clear elastic in the waist seam though because I totally forgot this time.  Oops.

All in all I'm really happy with both of these dresses but I extra, super love the pink and grey striped version.  It was a bit of a pest to cut out and my efforts to pattern match turned out to be completely wasted.  The stripes are so thin that it doesn't really notice at all, but it would have been really gratifying if they'd have all matched up nicely.  I'm really happy with the how neck band lined up though, I definitely gave myself a pat on the back for that!

Not sure what colour you'd call this and it's kind of horrible, but I love it.  I'm going though a weird yellow phase, so although this probably isn't yellow it sort of fits with the general theme. The pattern itself is just printed on one side so it's not as soft and lovely as the pink and is really the only reason it's not as high up in my affections.  The jersey is also a little heavier and has sagged a little after a few washes, but it's not too drastic (you know what probably would have helped there?  Clear elastic!).

So this is a pattern I'd definitely recommend.  This is the style of dress that I like to wear, it looks pretty put together but is comfortable like a t-shirt.  It comes togethjer really quickly, especially now I have an overlocker and I've had loads of comments about my dresses and people are really surprised to learn that I didn't buy them!  Look out for more of these in the future, I've got a black and grey one I'm dreaming about already.


Gill said...

Love all of them, they really look great on you! X

Leah (Good Enough Knits) said...

They look great and so comfy! Nicely done.