Tuesday, 28 July 2015

FO: Burda 9492

It's been a little while since I've sewn anything for my kids, I've been in selfish sewing mode recently so I thought it would be nice to whip something up for Miss Cassie.  I've bought quite a few kids patterns recently, unfortunately not too many in Felicity's size which is how come I'm mainly sewing for Cassie.  She'll get to wear all of these clothes in turn so she certainly won't miss out. 

The pattern I chose was one of a load I picked up in the recent Burda half price sale, Burda 9492.  It's for Age 4 and up so I made the smallest size for Cassie and there is certainly room for her to grow.  I went for View A because I thought that the shorter skirt would be better for the Autumn with leggings underneath.  It came out far too long though so I'll be making her a short version before the summer is out.

This skirt reminded me of all the reasons I love to sew for kids, it took me very little time, very little fabric and it was really lovely to see how happy Cassie was swishing around in her new skirt.  The fabric I used was the leftovers from my Simplicity 1325, which in turn was the leftovers from my first attempt at a Grainline Moss skirt.  I only bought 2m so I'm quite amazed as to how much I squeezed out of it.  As soon as I finished this little skirt I did make sure I'd thrown out any little scraps that were left because I am very much done with this particular fabric!

The pattern is really very simple, with little details that make it a little less bog standard.  I love the pockets at the front and patch pockets are included for the back but I decided not to bother with them.  The skirt is elasticated but only at the back, which is nice and easy but the front skirt is gathered to match.  My gathering on this one is absolutely appalling and if this hadn't been a tiny skirt for an active toddler, made out of scraps I'd have unpicked and done it again, but she's generally moving at the speed of light so who will know?

In knitting and OAL news, my Vianne is nearly done.  Just the button band to cast off and the sewing in ends and blocking.  This is my second attempt at the button band after I woefully under estimated how many stitches I'd picked up.  This cardigan has felt a bit cursed from the beginning so please keep your fingers crossed that I am finally done with it!

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