Monday, 7 October 2013

WIP: Snowbaby Hat

While work on the baby blanket continues slowly in the background I've started working on my next main project. Because I seem to be on a mission to use it up I'm using the pink Debbie Bliss Merino and purple Cygnet that I've used recently for the Robot Mittens and Cassie's socks. This time however I am actually knitting something for me. As part of my quest to keep practicing stranded colourwork I've chosen to knit the Snowbaby Hat by Mimi Hill (her lovely blog is here). This hat is so cute, I purchased the pattern quite a while as part of the Eskimimi Makes Hat Collection and I'm really pleased that I'm finally getting around to knitting one of the patterns.

Right now I have just reached the point where I'm about to add the purple and start knitting the two colour part. Obviously up until now the going has been fairly easy, despite which I have already had to rip back twice but that was due to some serious incompetence on my part. Sometimes it's hard to believe I actually know how to knit! I've been really looking forward to getting cracking on the chart, it looks really simple and lacks any great long colour runs so I won't need to worry too much about my floats. I've actually had to take the evening off work because I'm not feeling too well, so I'm looking forward to some extra free time when I can sit and make a good start on this.


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Renee Anne said...

It looks like it's going to be a lovely hat :)