Wednesday, 16 October 2013

FO: Snowbaby Hat

I've not been having the greatest time of it this last week or so. First I came down with a horrible cold, some 'relief' from that came in the form of an extremely unpleasant tummy bug which left me all weak and tired which is when my cold came back with a vengeance. I'm still not 100% but at least I'm feeling well enough to knit again, which I hadn't been for a few days.

Once I was sure I could muster up the concentration for a bit of stranded knitting I got going again on my Snowbaby Hat. Colourwork is certainly getting easier each time and I'm already planning my next colourful project. The chart was really easy and I would certainly recommend it to other novices. Once the chart was done I just had the crown decreases to do and the hat was finished in no time.

I really like the finished product, it needs a bit of a blocking but the pattern shows up well and looks pretty even already. The hat will be lovely and warm too with the folded brim and stranding. However, much as I love it I sort of don't love it on me. I generally prefer a slouchy hat and I've finally realised that it is because, to me, they sort of balance out my tiny head a bit. This hat is now going to make a lovely Christmas gift for a special lady though, so far from being disappointed I've actually managed to make a head start on Christmas, hooray!


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Renee Anne said...

That's adorable :) I need to learn stranded knitting at some many things I want to do.