Sunday, 27 October 2013

Little updates

Cassie's sweater is done, it's currently taking its sweet time drying after its bath but I'm hoping that Cassie will be able to wear it tomorrow. I'll add pics as soon as I can get them.

My latest stash inventory is done and now everything that I can find is up to date on Ravelry (here if you are feeling nosy). There are a few balls I haven't come across yet but I'll add them as they turn up. The whole object of the exercise was to see if I could put myself off doing any yarn shopping for my upcoming projects, but alas (yeah right!) there were a couple of projects I had nothing suitable for, so....

I hit up the Wool Warehouse online shop on Friday afternoon and I should have some woolly lovelies to share in the next few days. I probably got a few more balls then was strictly necessary but I was getting close to free delivery so it seemed rude not to. I have finished a few balls of yarn this month and also given a couple away so hopefully my shopping spree won't completely ruin the downward trend on my stash graph which I'll post right at the end of the month.

After I've done a few more rows on my baby blanket (I've done over 100 now) I'll be starting the first of my deliberate Christmas projects. Unfortunately I won't be able to post anything on this one, just in case, so hopefully I can finish it up quickly and move on to more interesting blogging fodder.

So, send yarn drying vibes to us and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some cute pics of Cassie in her new sweater.


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