Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WIP and temptation

Cassie's sweater is coming along nicely, I've got just a few centimetres of stripes left to do and then it's just the waistband and sleeves to complete. I really like the way this is turning out, it's an easy and enjoyable knit and I think I might have enough yarn for another little one so I'm almost definitely going to make one for baby too.

Of course as the end is in sight I'm looking towards my next projects and as usual I have a few in mind. I have a couple of things I'd like to make as Christmas gifts and the temptation to buy yarn for those projects is growing ever stronger. The fact that Drops are currently having an Alpaca Party with a big discount on all of their yarns with an alpaca content is not helping. With this in mind I'm very diligently diving back into my stash and adding everything to my stash page on Ravelry to help me see whether I really need to buy yarn. I've done about half of it so far and will probably do the rest over the next couple of days. If, after I have completed all of it, I really and truly do not have the yarn I need for these special projects then it's Wool Warehouse here I come!


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Renee Anne said...

It's adorable. I know what you mean about looking for other projects, too. I'm almost done with my vest and I started a hat for Little Man because he really wanted one...and now I'm thinking about the next big thing. ::sigh::