Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New yarns!

My much anticipated package of yarn arrived yesterday which was very exciting, it's been a while. I'm now furiously knitting away on my current project so that I can cast on with some of it. It's all earmarked for little projects I have coming up so now I just have to decide what to knit first.

This Drops Alpaca is destined to become a hat for my SIL for Christmas, the pattern I have chosen is As The Leaves Begin to Fall by Eliza Jarvi. SIL is totally knitworthy so I'm hoping this turns out really nicely and that she likes it a lot.

The grey and white Drops Nepal is for a pair of Convertible Owl Mittens by Rebecca Reveal for Cassie. These are so cute I think they may be my next project. The pink will be combined with some turquoise Nepal that is already in my stash to become a Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elzabeth Smith for baby

This Drops Delight is actually not for me, my MIL has been muttering about learning to knit socks so this yarn will be part of her Christmas present along with some DPNs and a beginners sock knitting book.

These two balls of Drops Lima will each become either a Kilkenny or a Cubba (both Woolly Wormhead patterns) I haven't decided which is for which yet.

And lastly this ball of Drops Big Delight is for one of the worsted weight shawls in my favourites, I haven't decided on that one yet. I also got 3 of the Drops pattern leaflets, all of the patterns are available online but each leaflet was £1, there are loads of patterns in each and it saves on printing if there are a few things you want to make. I foresee quite a few Drops projects in my future now.


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