Thursday, 9 April 2015

Wha? Another FO?!

Apologies knit fans, I've got more sewing for you today. I'm at that stage with my Lady Kina where my stitches appear to be falling into a black hole because it just is not getting any bigger. I'm on my last ball of yarn, however, so that means it will be finished soon one way or another! This is the reason I took up sewing in the first place, sometimes knitting just moves too slowly and it's nice to have something that can be completed quickly.

That was totally the plan with this top. The pattern came in the latest Great British Sewing Bee companion book, Fashion with Fabric. I loved that it looked really simple, quick to complete, could probably be squeezed out of very little fabric and be a pretty good wardrobe staple. Well stick a tick in all those boxes because this did not disappoint at all.

This took hardly any time at all, I'd have finished it all in one day if I hadn't twisted something when I sewed the final side seam and decided to call it a day before I did anything else dumb. It was an easy fix and I'll just be extra careful not to do it again next time. Despite the pattern stating you'll need 1.5m of fabric I got quite a lot of change out of 1m. I'm not sure how wide it was though. The fabric itself was a random metre I got on sale and I've got no idea exactly what it is. It's definitely pretty synthetic judging by the way it statics itself to my skin if I wear it without another top underneath. I almost always wear a tank under everything while I'm still breastfeeding, so that really isn't a problem.

I'll definitely be making a few more of these, it takes so little fabric that I can choose something a little bit special without feeling like I'm splashing out. I really like the mullet hem, it's a nice detail that doesn't look as bonkers as I'd feared. I like that this is quite loose and floaty, I can get it on and off without opening the button so I might not bother with that next time or I could size down for a more fitted look. Next up though I'm going to attempt to make a blazer before I brave returning to a jeans muslin with some serious fit issues. And you never know, maybe I'll finish that Lady Kina sometime this century too!


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