Wednesday, 15 April 2015

FO: Lady Kina

I know, I can hardly believe it myself!  Despite feeling like I was knitting magical stitches which somehow didn't actually add any length at all, I was still using up my yarn at an alarming rate.  After finally admitting that I was going to run out quite shortly (and realising that I was quickly losing the will to keep knitting) I tried my cardigan on and decided that actually I was perfectly ok with the length it was.  Sometimes being a shortarse has it's advantages.  I probably should have done this a bit earlier because I didn't have enough yarn to make the bottom band quite as wide as it should have been and then I completely underestimated what I would need to cast off so we have yet another garment that has been bound off with completely different yarn.  Maybe I need to make it my signature design element!

After all that I'm not 100% how I feel about this cardigan.  I was sort of worried that I'd gone mad when I picked the pattern and that I wasn't going to like it at all, but that's not the case.  I like the way it looks, but I don't entirely love it, if you know what I mean?  Partly it's because I started knitting this before the Great Gallbladder Disaster of 2014 and as a result it is a bit too big for me.  I'm also not quite convinced that the gathers at the back are working in my favour.  They look nice at the front but I feel like I don't need that room around my shoulders and it's giving me a bit of a humpy looking back.

The whole thing needs a light blocking too, the front bands look sort of nibbled currently but I'm pretty sure that's nothing that can't be fixed.  Once that's done I may pass it around the ladies in my family to see if it looks better on any of them than it does on me.  I'll happily keep it and wear it, but it seems sad not to give it to someone who will love it if possible.  I find that sometimes knits are just destined for someone else, I'm sure that's not just me?
Pattern : Lady Kina by Muriela
Yarn: Drops Cotton Light and a teeeny bit of Cygnet Wool Rich Aran to cast off because DUH.

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Renee Anne said...

I think it's cute but I do see what you mean about the shoulders in the back. Worst case? You could frog it for the yarn and knit something different :)