Monday, 6 April 2015

FO: Looking for Spring

Have you seen this hat?

The Christmas before last I gave my sister in law a handknitted hat, the pattern was Snowbaby and it was one of my earlier colourwork projects. I'd originally meant it for me but, much as I loved it and was proud of it it just didn't look that great on me. I've since realised that beanies don't work for me, I need a bit of slouch or my head looks weird. However, I immediately had a feeling that the hat would look awesome on Rachael so I gave it to her. I was, of course, totally correct, the hat suited her perfectly and she loved it. Because she is an awesome human being, and totally knitworthy, she not only wore it but took a photo and put it on Facebook for all to see.....and then it was never seen again. Rachael duly called all the places she thinks she could have left it, but sadly had no luck and she asked if I could knit her another. Which I have gladly done.

I wanted to make her something similar without actually knitting the same hat again. Although the weather is warming up a bit, Rachael and my brother are heading up Ben Nevis next month in aid of Monkey World (sponsorship page here if you feel compelled or want to know a bit more) so I wanted to make it reasonably warm. I settled on Looking for Spring by Jolene Mosley In two different shades of purple and I'm glad I did. This hat looks really professional and the colours are subtle but striking. I was a bit concerned because it did not fit me at all a when I tried it on. It was snug, although not too too tight but came down well over my eyes. By a total stroke of luck it fits Rachael perfectly, she says she has a long but thin head, so that worked out well! Hopefully I'll get some pictures of her modelling it up the mountain to share because that would be really cool.


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