Thursday, 2 April 2015


We've been fairly busy here since my last post. Work has been pretty tiring, I work in an academic library and exam time is looming is its a fraught time of year for us. We've also all had a horrible cold recently too, which means snot everywhere with two toddlers in the house! There's been plenty of good stuff too. Cassie turned 3 and we had a lovely time celebrating with her.

She was so happy and excited, but also very polite and grateful when receiving her gifts. She made me very proud indeed.

Instead of a proper cake Cassie asked for tiny cakes this year, so I made these cute ice cream cone cakes and simple chocolate cupcakes too. They were yummy and Cassie's attempt to push an entire one into her face will go down in family history!

My brother also had his birthday and we had a nice day out at the zoo to celebrate. It was all of 6 degrees C so we didn't really linger too long by any of the animals, but the girls were pretty interested in what they saw so hopefully we'll visit again when it's a bit warmer.

Craft wise I've got a few irons in the fire. I've been slowly sewing away on a Sureau dress, which I hope will be done in a few days. I've been knitting a bit on my Lady Kina cardigan, but I put that aside to knit a quick hat for my SIL. That is currently swimming in the sink so that I can block it and I'll do a post all about it when it's dry. Really I should now pick up the cardigan again now but I got this big bag of yarn in the post this morning so my casting on fingers are twitching. I wonder how long I can resist?


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Leah (Good Enough Knits) said...

Happy birthday, Cassie! The cake-face picture slays me, and I love her bunny tights.