Tuesday, 11 November 2014

...and then it all went horribly wrong!

Wow, it's been a little while huh?  I'd had a post prepared a few weeks ago and I was just waiting to get a last couple of photos before hitting 'post' when things kinda blew up.  I'd been having some pains for a while which seemed like they were probably gallbladder related but while I was waiting to see my GP I ended up getting admitted to hospital overnight where an ultrasound confirmed that, yes indeed, my gallbladder is full of little stones and that I should go home and await an appointment to get the little sucker removed.  6 days later I was back in hospital, where I was to remain for a further 12 days growing more and more jaundiced while I waited for a slot to get a stone unwedged from my common bile duct.  Lucky me!  The procedure was wholly unpleasant but I am feeling much better now and I'm home and waiting, again, for a summons to get my gallbladder evicted.

So much about this experience was awful, I missed my girls so much when I was in the hospital particularly as I am still nursing Felicity.  She has always been reluctant to take a bottle so it was pretty stressful knowing that she was miserable and hungry and other people were struggling to make that better for her.  I was also either in pain or out of my tree on painkillers most of the time so not a lot of knitting happened and I feel a bit like a lot of free time was wasted while I just lay around in bed.  Ugh!

On the plus side, I have lost a butt load of weight and I've finally been able to unpack a lot of the clothes I put away when I was pregnant with Cassie.  This has not been a weight loss regime I would recommend to anybody though!

Anyway, enough about my health, I'm home now and things are getting back on track.  I have sort of got the couple of pictures I was needing in order to finish that post from so long ago and I'll post that tomorrow.  I have a couple of hats I've made for the girls to write about, Felicity is the absolute devil to photgraph at the moment so I might not be able to get any modelled shots of hers, but hey ho.

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Renee Anne said...


Husband had his gallbladder out when Little Man was about six months old. He was miserable and had phantom gallbladder attacks for at least a year afterwards. He had to rebuild his tolerance for spicy food, too. But he's fine now and aside fro the scars, you wouldn't know :)