Saturday, 22 November 2014

FOs: Quynn

Without meaning to I seem to have been on a bit of a mission to knit as many Woolly Wormhead hats as possible for my girls.

This is my back catalogue, minus a Tipper I recently made for a fellow Raveller's newborn which I forgot to photograph before I mailed it. And now I've added a pair of Quynns to the collection.

I had only intended to knit one for Cassie, out of some Noro Kureyon I had leftover from a pair of armwarmers I knitted myself a while back. I began to suspect quite early on that it might come out a little small, but I ploughed on regardless because I figured it would probably fit someone. It turns out that I was right on both counts, the hat was far too small for Cassie, but it fit Felicity perfectly.

Not that I can prove it because photographing a hat on Felicity's head in the split second before she whips it off is beyond my skills I'm afraid.

Because the first one came out so small I sized up pretty much everything I could think of for my second attempt. I knitted the next size up, on the next size needles and used some slightly thicker yarn. This time I went for Drops Delight in Atlantis which is also a slow striping yarn but the colour shifts are much less dramatic than the Noro. It's really nice.

Success! It fits and, although it does look a bit bonkers I do love it. It keeps her little ears warm and makes her face look all round and cute. I get the feeling she's not so keen, this was her response when I asked if she liked her new hat!



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