Monday, 17 November 2014

FO: Simplicity 1724

Well, this is the post I had 'all ready to go, except for a couple of pictures' before I got admitted to hospital. However, upon opening my Blogsy app I was confronted by only a post title followed by a blank page, aaargh! So either I've taken to dream blogging or Blogsy ate my post. Either way I've had to recreate it (which is pretty mad if I only actually dream wrote it in the first place) so forgive me if I don't put my heart and soul in to it.

I bought Simplicity 1724 in a recent sale with the intention of making view C for each little girl. I can also see myself making the jacket but without the weird shoulder frills, have no fear though, I have no intention whatsoever of making that hat! I had sort of hoped that I might be able to squeeze both dresses from one piece of fabric by using different fabric for the facings but the bias cut skirt saved my girls from matchy matchy hell and they both now have completely different dresses.

This is Cassie's

I bought a metre square of this fabric a couple of years ago on a trip out with my MIL. I've been waiting for the perfect project for it because it's quite small but really pretty so I didn't want to just make a toy or a bag. I love it for this dress, although I should probably have centred the print a little better down the front.

This dress came together so easily, I barely needed to glance at the instructions and could probably have thrown it together in a couple of hours if I was lucky enough to ever get a couple of hours uninterrupted sewing time. The only real issue I had was with the button holes, because I chose pretty massive buttons the button holes ended up far too close to the end of the button tab. Next time I'll remember to start the button hole at the top and work down towards to the garment instead of the other way round.

For a finishing touch I added this bright green ribbon which is lovely and contrasty. Instead of making a little bow I decided to just see in a button to hide the join. I'm too lazy for little bows.

For Lissy's dress I used some red heart print corduroy I've had kicking around for ages. I've been having terrible trouble finding a project for this because the hearts and cords run the same way. This meant that I had to either have the hearts on their sides or the cords running from side to side.

In the end I decided I could live with the cords going sideways but sideways hearts would forever make me twitch. I also didn't have enough fabric to cut the skirt on the bias, but after watching Cassie in her dress I decided that it was a nice design element but not really necessary for the movement of her legs. For this dress I went with pink ric rac instead of ribbon but added a button just the same and I really like how it turned out. Unfortunately, despite making the 6 month size, this dress is pretty huge on my tiny girl. It'll fit her in due course but it would have been nice to add to her wardrobe right away. And because this is Felicity, getting her to stay still for photos was practically impossible so we'll have to make do with these rubbish, but entertaining shots, of her playing peekaboo behind the curtain. Not great, but you get the idea.




Renee Anne said...

Adorable :)

I wonder if having the app on my iPad would be worth it...not that I get my hands on my iPad that often (Little Man is a little thief)....but sometimes, blogging just doesn't happen like I'd wish. ::sigh::

Hannah Smith said...

When my laptop died I realised that the only reason I needed to replace it was for blogging. The blogger app wasnt really cutting it for me but I've been happy with Blogsy and just my iPad for a while now. We've given Cassie one of our old iPhones stop her thieving the iPads.