Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WIP: Lady Kina

Back when it was still fairly warm and I wasn't really enjoying knitting with wool I put aside my Family Tree MKAL shawl (did you notice I never finished that?) and cast on for a Lady Kina by ?.. Using some Drops Cotton Light I picked up for next to nothing in the cotton super sale a while back. A combination of super long rows and my little 'holiday' courtesy of the NHS led to it being really slow going but I have finally made it to the body. The rows are much shorter now and it should be fairly plain sailing down the the bottom now.

So, of course, I've decided that it's time to put it aside! With christmas coming I can't really justify spending my limited knitting time on a short sleeved summer cardigan for myself. It's time to start knocking out small winter items for my family and also for gifts. I'll pick up my cardigan again after the holidays so that it is ready and waiting to go when it starts warming up in spring.


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