Monday, 29 June 2009

I are sweating!

I'm going to start by stating the only thing that has been on my mind for the last few day. By all that is holy it is HOT! Which would be fine if it wasn't so flippin' humid. Needless to say, therefore, that not much knitting has been occurring. Before it became so warm I cast on for Kai-Mei in some very fetching green Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn and I have about an inch and a half to go before starting the heel. So far they have been pretty brainless and dull in 3x3 rib but the foot part looks quite complicated so it should balance out. So with knitting not so much an option at the moment I have been concentrating on my sewing. My Marie skirt is certainly taking shape, although as usual I failed to look ahead and I am now anxiously awaiting the arrival of an invisible zipper foot so that I can get on. Once the zip is in I just need to add the facings for the waistband and bottom edge. Currently I can't make head nor tail of the instructions after the bit where the zip goes in, but I'm hoping all will become clear while I'm doing it. If not it'll be back to the old standby, making it up as I go along. Speaking of which I have also been busy making myself a bee costume, the idea for which was conceived in a very boring meeting last week. I must add that this was not a random urge, I am going to this festival in Canterbury in a couple of weeks and my friends and I like to dress up for the occasion. See evidence from last year.

Anyway, so instead of buying the bumblebee fur fabric I saw online the other day I decided that it would be much cooler to buy a stack of yellow and black t-shirts, cut them into strips and go from there. This was a little time consuming but I'm glad I did it. It looks pretty cool and should keep me much cooler (arf!) than the furry stuff. I made sure that the strip at the top of the dress came from the bottom of a t-shirt so that I could use the hem as a ready made casing for elastic. After threading that through and securing it I sewed the top two strips together and then hemmed the rest of the way down the dress to form a triangle.

This is where I have got to so far, I have an idea what is going to happen next, but I'm not 100% sure. Check back tomorrow to see where it ends up.

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