Wednesday, 1 July 2009

FO’s flying all over the place

Well whaddya know, I set out to complete my bee dress and my Marie skirt by the end of the week and by Wednesday night I was all but done. Now I need to decide what's next and get cracking before I lose my mojo! Last night I started with the bee dress which you may recall was fine from the front but had a big triangular gap at the back through which my bottom could be viewed. With the aid of my sister I put of piece of paper under the gap whilst wearing the dress and drew the outline of the triangle so that I had a kind of pattern for the inset. I then cut out a triangle of the yellow t-shirt and sewed that into the gap. All that remained was to make a long string from the bottom of one of the black t-shirts, poke holes at the edges of the insert and lace that baby up like so:

My insert was incredibly badly sewn in but lacing over the top of it seems to have covered that up, so I'm glad I decided to do that. The back needed trimming a bit because the act of adding the insert made the back a bit longer than the front. Overall though, it's pretty cool and looks like what it is supposed to be, which is a start. All I need now is a pair of wings, which I know I can get at the festival and if I have the time or the inclination I may make a matching pair of legwarmers.

Also done is my Marie skirt (pattern here). It was really quick to finish once my invisible zipper foot arrived (also received a magnetic seam guide to stick on my machine which is a total godsend if you suffer from wobbly seams like I do). I didn't quite finish it last night as it was after 11 and I remembered I needed to hand sew the inside of the hem facing thingy so I gave up and went to bed. Amazingly, given my intense dislike of hand sewing, I actually got on and did this today and my skirt is done. I'm reasonable pleased with it, it is a little large so can't really be described as high waisted and consequently is a bit longer than intended but it looks good even if it doesn't look like it is supposed to!

On a completely different and off topic note I would just like to air my displeasure for British Gas who yesterday fired my l'il bro from his job. After extending his probation period because he was off sick on 2 occasions, he has now got the sack for being off sick a third time. Given that the second time he was ill he went to see occupational health and they could see he was genuine and the third occasion was a bout of gastroenteritis for which his doctor signed him off because a)he was far too ill to work and b)it was highly infectious and there are 3 pregnant people in his office, this seems a little harsh. I don't really have a point because I'm sure they can do this if they want to but it seems like bad practice to me and I just wanted to mouth off a bit. So there!

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