Monday, 6 July 2009

Now it’s only mildly scorchio!

Yesterday – finally – the temperature actually dropped enough to allow me to do some knitting, albeit only if I was sitting outside but still. The first thing I did was cast on for a second pair of Charade's, knit the first row and then switch back to my Kai-mei's. Why? Well I think things are about to get complicated with the Kai-Mei pattern and as I am going to a festival at the end of the week I am hardly going to want to be constantly referring to a pattern. The charade pattern is so super easy that I can just get on with it so it should be perfect. Now I just have to keep on praying that we will have lovely weather at the weekend so that I can get some knitting done whilst sitting in the sunshine listening to lots of live music.

I have also got a wee bit of sewing done, but I am having serious anxiety over my current project so the going is slow. I'm making a boob tube thingy and all in all it looks really easy – and I guess it is – but I and just about to sew the upper back and front together and the seams look like they will be about 3 feet thick! The front consists of a front piece with bust darts and two drape pieces which are both made from the fabric folded double. These overlap and are sewn at each side, so that is already 5 layers of fabric, not including where the dart is and the back is a back piece and a single layer drape piece, so altogether that is 7 layers. Crazy. If I had really thought this through I may have considered looking for a much more lightweight jersey before considering this one. Especially at there is also a lining to go in there as well. By the time this is finished I will have added a good two inches to my bosom! I'm having a nagging feeling that this is going to be a total disaster and the knitter part of me keeps saying 'rip back'. Obviously I have to remind her that all I will end up with is a load of sad pieces that really can't be made into anything else. I do enjoy sewing and the comparatively instant gratification I get from it, but knitting is just magic. When you make a total arse up you can just unravel it and you are back where you started, pretending it never happened.

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