Tuesday, 23 June 2009

T-shirt - Raawwwww!

Since I bought a book about reconstructing T-shirts a little while back I have been hacking and slashing like a good un, but a couple of weeks ago I bought a T-shirt with a massive great picture which I couldn't bear to chop into but couldn't find a suitable project that would preserve it in it's entirely. So I decided to make it up myself. I really like the finished project so here is a quick how to in case anyone is interested.

Ok so the picture is not the best, but you kind of get the idea, essentially go are getting a kind of tunic top, with big old armholes, tied together with string! If you think this is a good look then grab a t-shirt, this one is a small men's one with a giant robot on it. Coooool! Chop off the neckband. If you think the T-shirt is way longer than you'd like then trim off the bottom too. I didn't because I like the long length of this. Make a mark about 15cm from the bottom on either side then slice - sorta curvy like - from just inside the sleeve seam down to your mark.

Try the result on. This is where you can fiddle about and make it perfect. When I tried mine on I decided to make the neckline a little wider and also trimmed the back a little to make it a bit 'racer back'. Once you are happy you have 2 choices either wear it as it is (with a vest top underneath if you are going anywhere respectable) or make ties for the sides. I decided mine looked a bit tabardy to start with so I popped it on and pinched the sides together to see where the ties would be most flattering. I then poked a pair of scissors through both layers and threaded through a strip off of one of the sleeves I removed earlier. Repeat to match on the other side. Done. Wear to pub. Get loads of compliments (well that's what happened to me anyway)!

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Jess said...

I did this with one of my tops! Looks kinda cool, I didn't tie the sides though, might try it though