Monday, 1 June 2009

Oops, it’s been a while!

I haven't posted for ages, mainly due to being a bit lazy, nut also I have been quite busy. I can't really remember everything I have been up to ( maybe I should write these things down. Oh yeah, that's what this blog is meant for!) but here are the highlights.

1. Knitting. My Monkeys are nearly done, just a couple more repeats on the foot and then the toe to do. They should have been done by now, but I just had to cast on for the spiral heelless socks from Easy Knitted Socks and I had to complete the first one of those before I could bring myself to work on anything else. I have wanted a pair of them since I made a pair for a friend last year, but after I purchase the yarn I found that I had no idea where the book with the pattern in was which kind of delayed things a little. Chris found the book last week, in a wardrobe heaven knows why, so I was finally able to get on with them. I really like this pattern, it is kind of mindless but you do have to pay a little bit of attention to where you have got to. Most of all I like how you end up with a lovely snugly pair of socks which are just perfect for lounging around in indoors.

2. Sewing. I haven't done much sewing wise. I had one mad evening where I cut out all of the bits for 3 different projects. I am slowly getting some of these bits sewn together but I seem to hit a snag every time I get started, so essentially all I have done is create a load of jigsaw pieces which I am feeling very guilty about not fitting together. I have also just taken delivery of a whole load more fabric and am having to fight the urge to cut pieces out of all that until I have completed at least one of the current projects.

3. Chris. Chris won his case for unfair dismissal against his former employers last week, which was a good end to a long, laborious and stressful process. I know he is a little disappointed that he received the minimum in compensation but to my mind being told that you were right is always nice. Especially as the company's representative thought that he could stand up in a tribunal and say that the reason they hadn't followed proper redundancy procedure, even after we wrote to them and told them where they went wrong, was because they didn't like Chris very much. Way to go genius! Hilarious.

4. Race for Life. I completed the Race for Life yesterday and even though my training dropped off a bit in the last couple of weeks because I hurt my back I'm pleased to say it was much better that last year. My time wasn't much quicker but I ran way further without stopping and could probably have ran the whole way if it hadn't been quite so tropical yesterday. In the end I had to walk for a few minutes after I hit the 2 mile mark because I could feel myself overheating royally and didn't want to do myself a mischief. My mum made it round too and we have made probably £200 or so for Cancer Research which is what it is all about.

Well that is about it for now. Hopefully I will have some FO's very shortly to share. Until then.

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