Tuesday, 2 June 2009

One jigsaw done

Well it happened a lot more quickly than I had anticipated, but I have an FO for you.

Yes it's another Estelle. This one has a few little differences from the first but is essentially very similar. The main difference is that it is a much neater job than the first. I used an overcasting stitch to join the lining and outer pieces which killed two birds with one stone and adds a little less bulk and I also added a strip of interfacing around the opening of the bag because I find that the first one I made is a little floppy and sometime the top is pulled down a little and the lining pokes out. I'm pretty happy with it, I just need to sew a popper on and then it can go on the present pile because much I like it I did make it for someone else. Plus I made it with leftover fabric from my cushions so I can't keep it. I could just see me coming in, throwing it down on the sofa and someone sitting on it!

Next up I need to piece together the other 2 projects which are currently just small piles of bits. First is a wallet made using this tutorial. I did make a start on the zipped pocket but I made a fairly crappy job of it. Really I need to start that bit afresh but as usual I am procrastinating and have hidden that bit under all the other pieces so I can pretend that it really isn't that bad. I may have to do all of the other bits that I can and then maybe I will have built up some momentum and will get it done. After that there is my version of this skirt. The fabric I am using is quite light so I'm hoping that it will end up being a little less structured than the pattern intends. I'm fairly sure that if I wear a skirt that stands too far out from my body I will just look slightly insane rather than cool and fashionable as intended. I'm going to be really careful when I make this because if all goes well I'm going to make myself a dress. Fingers crossed.

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Jess said...

I'm loving the bag a lot!