Tuesday, 6 May 2014

FO: Tunic...meh

Before I start, just a note about photos. These days I exclusively use my iPad since the sad demise of my laptop. This is fine but I haven't got around to getting a thingy so that I can put photos from my camera on my iPad. I'm going to get onto this really soon so that I can take self timed pics of me actually wearing my FOs. For the time being I'm afraid I'm stuck with sad photos of garments hanging from coat hangars.

So, I've finished sewing up my tunic and you know what, it's ok. Essentially I was treating this as a practice run and I'm glad I did because it has some issues. I will totally give this another go though because I still love the pattern.

Firstly, it's too big. I'm not going to complain about that, having given birth not so long ago I kind of love it when things are too big! Next time I'll make a size smaller and lose some of the length too. I'm not a tall person but I've been tending towards nice long tops since having kids, this is too much though.

Much as I love the piping detail and I'm super glad I tried it out, I'm not loving the finish of it. It makes the shoulders a bit too structured and sort of pulls them out of shape a bit, although that is probably due to my amateurish insertion of it.

I also think that the contrast top stitching is way too contrasty. I wanted it to match the piping but it's really a bit much.

So I'll be giving this another go soon and hopefully end up with something a bit more wearable. First I'll be trying out a simple T-shirt from the same book. With only two pieces and bias binding at all of the edges, what's not to love?


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