Friday, 9 May 2014

FO: Bridesmaid Shrug part one.

The first of the bridesmaid shrugs for my brothers wedding is done (bar weaving in ends and blocking), boding well for my chances of getting them all done on time. The intention was for this one to be for Cassie, then all being well it could wing it's way off to 2 year old number two to see if it fit her too whilst knitting a larger one for the 6 year old. I figured if the first one didn't fit Cassie it could still go to Rosie to see if by some chance it did fit her before knitting a different size for Cassie. My nightmare scenario was that it wouldn't fit anybody. Luckily it fits Cassie perfectly, hooray!

I'm about halfway through the larger one and I have to say, I'm really winging it. If this somehow ends up the rightsize I will be amazed. The pattern only goes up to age 4 so I'm using aran weight instead if DK and I've gone up a needle size. Wish me luck!


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