Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wedding Fever

I've just started a very secret knitting project which I will have going on in the background for the next little while, but my main projects coming up are all going to be for a very special event, the wedding of my brother to one of my favourite people, his lovely fiancée Rachael. They are getting married on 14 June at Monkey World in Dorset, a monkey sanctuary of all places! Cassie will be a bridesmaid, along with the 2 year old daughter of one of Rachael's friends and her cousin's 6 year old. Once Rachael had chosen the bridesmaid dresses I offered to make little shrug cardigans for the girls. I made it clear I wouldn't be offended if she didn't want me to, but she was pleased and we've now chosen a pattern

The winner is Marian by Taiga Hilliard and I'll be ordering some off-white yarn to make them with in the next few days. The pattern is so cute and I'm really looking forward to making them. The pattern only goes up to 4T, so I'll be making the larger one out of slightly thicker yarn and using a larger needle and I hope that will turn out right. They are shrugs so it's not necessary for them to do up which gives me a little wiggle room.

I'm also planning to make mine and Felicity's outfits for the wedding as well. I don't know how realistic that will be, Felicity should be no problem but I'll probably end up in the shops panic buying a week before the event!

And finally, because I hate a photo less post and because today is Mother's Day here in the UK, here are my beautiful girls for you.


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