Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Me and You MKAL Clue 4

To begin with, Cassie's birthday was brilliant, she had a super weekend and got lots of lovely gifts. Luckily most people honoured my request for no more toys and she got mostly clothes and books. Our house generally looks like an explosion in a toy factory, especially now we are getting out bigger things like the baby gym and bouncer chairs for Felicity, so I really couldn't deal with any more! I was also really pleased with the way Cassie's cake turned out.

I got the general idea from something I saw on Pinterest and then added the chocolate ducks because Cassie loves ducks, or duck ducks as she calls them. I made the cake inside purple and it was delicious.

So on to the mystery shawl. The final clue came out on Friday and as predicted I had no hope of finishing by then. I actually finished last night and managed to get started on clue 5 too so the photo shows the first few rows of that.

The final clue has just as many rows as the previous 2 but as the rows are so much shorter now it shouldn't take me anywhere near as long. I look forward to sharing my finished shawl in the next few days.


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