Monday, 24 March 2014

FO: Me and You MKAL

So it's over, my first ever MKAL and the fact that I've already signed up for the next one tells you all you need to know. And despite worrying about falling behind I actually finished lee than a week after the final clue came out, so all in all I'm calling it a success.

It took a little wrangling to get it into shape, but it wasn't too bad. I love how it was constructed, it was fun seeing it come together so I didn't mind having to pay attention a bit whilst blocking.

Cassie has really enjoyed wrapping herself up in it, I think I spend so much time telling her to stop touching my knitting that she gets all excited when she's allowed to handle the finished object.

She's not having it though, it's mine!

Recap: The pattern is Me and You by Fiddleknits, yarn is Schoppelwoll Admiral Ombré and some sock yarn I got from somewhere dyed with green food colouring.



Renee Anne said...

It was an interesting construction. I wish I had time and energy to partake in KALs...but between Little Man being a typical three-year old and Stormageddon continuing to make Mama sick and the wish to sleep more often than not...KALs just don't work for me :(

Leah said...

Gorgeous! It turned out very well. I love the colour combination.