Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My endless socks

I’ve had a bit of a gear change with my knitting, I finished the main body of the baby cardi I’ve been making and then realised that I needed DPNs for the sleeves.  Typically the only set  I have in the right size have been languishing in the second of a pair of socks that I have been knitting since May 2009.  Obviously I could use magic loop for the sleeves, but I much much prefer DPNs and this seems like a golden opportunity to actually finish these flipping socks.  Given that I knew where the pattern was (No. 1 reason for the longevity of this project is that the pattern goes missing with alarming regularity) and that I had actually kept track of what row I was on using my phone (sock has been ripped back so many times due to having no clue where I got to) this seems like too good a chance to miss.  Wish me luck, finishing these things has been an uphill struggle for nearly 3 years, maybe I can actually do it this time.  Oh and the first sock is...somewhere.  I'd probably best find that to give me half a chance of making a matching pair!
Sock no.1 - currently MIA

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pinkundine said...

Good luck! Both with the finishing of sock 2 and the finding of sock 1 ;)

The picture indicates that finishing is definitely worth it, they'll be a fab pair of socks!